Grand Archive of Flare and CME Cartoons

June 21, 2012

Why an archive? Why a cartoon?

Cartoons play an important role in discussions of how solar flares and CMEs work. These discussion may take place in august forums, or in pubs at any point around the solar world (see bar bets ). In place of a self-consistent theory, a cartoon is often the only way to guess how different features of an event might be related. At the bottom of this page we have a random selection from each of three categories of cartoons. To scroll through the Archive randomly, simply use the "refresh" button on the browser. To view it systematically, click on the names below or look at the (chronological) overview or the matrix-style displays of thumbnail images. These are large pages and require broadband access to load properly. Each cartoon page should have some (often loose) information about its origin and a link to the published paper. Here are links to the gaudiest cartoon and to my favorite.

If you have contributions, preferably with nice digital versions of published cartoons, please send them to me at This Archive grows with time, and you help this accretion by pointing out omissions of colorful, influential, or timely cartoons. Note that as the years have passed there has been some mission creep, such that there are some items only tangentially related to flares as such. Of course if you see errors in what I've written about any of these, please let me hear.

Direct links to the toons individually by author's name