Cliver, E. W., Dennis, B. R., Kiplinger, A. L., Kane, S. R., Neidig, D. F., Sheeley Jr., N. R., and Koomen, M. J., ApJ 305, 920 (1986).

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This version of the standard model gestures at many flare and CME phenomena, as befits an authorship so diverse. However the main point of the paper and the cartoon is to find a home for the late-phase nonthermal process often seen as a metric type IV burst and a hard X-ray spectral hardening signature. The cartoon unfortunately doesn't really seem to distinguish this process from the thought-to-be normal reconnection process, which allegedly also produces the standard impulsive phase "soft-hard-soft" spectral signature in hard X-rays, instead of the "soft-hard-harder" signature the late coronal source requires. How can one cartoon explain two such different things?

March 4, 2007

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