Heyvaerts, J., Priest, E. R., and Rust, D. M., ApJ 216, 123 (1977).

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Emerging flux bumps into overlying field. Intuitively, one would have to ask why the overlying field does not simply expand in response to the new pressure; but if it were to reconnect, then... boola, boola, blunko! A flare! Or one might also ask why it had not already reconnected, since we believe that the coronal field is space-filling. So the "bump" must have been a soft and elastic bump.

Nevertheless, bias aside, one should really look at this prophetic paper. It has all the right cartoons, for one thing, but even better it anticipated modern ideas about X-ray jets, type III burst sources, and conceivably even prompt SEP events. This excellent paper also dealt extensively with the more standard CSHKP scenario.

March 1, 2007.

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