H. Nakajima, B.R. Dennis, P. Hoyng, G. Nelson, T. Kosugi, and K. Kai, "Microwave and X-ray observations of delayed brightenings at sites remote from the primary flare location," ApJ 288, 806 (1985). ADS

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A fine radio-inspired cartoon showing the locations of some of the metric radio types relative to the cartoon's proposed magnetic fields. The structures here clearly follow the "three-legged flare" pattern later made famous by Hanaoka and by Nishio, using the improved Nobeyama data, but originating to my knowledge with the HXIS "firm X-ray" observations reported by Machado et al. among others.

Such a configuration is often described as a "loop-loop interaction," one of the Archivist's pet peeves. We know enough about the physical conditions in the corona to be sure that loops do not really exist as independent entities: the magnetic field dominates, and the appearance of a loop-like structure merely marks where some excitation has happened.

Jan. 17, 2007

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