K. Shibata, K., S. Masuda, M. Shimojo, H. Hara, T. Yokoyama, S. Tsuneta, T. Kosugi, and Y. Ogawara, "Hot-Plasma Ejections Associated with Compact-Loop Solar Flares," ApJ 451, L83, 1995.

K. Shibata, "Evidence of magnetic reconnection in solar flares and a unified model of flares," Astrophys. and Space Science 264, 129, 1998.

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K. Shibata has dared to extend the "standard model", represented in many of the other cartoons here in various forms and with various features, to make it a "theory of everything." The standard model is sometimes called the "CSHKP" model from the initials of some of its illustrious contributors, omitting unfortunately M, HPR, A, this S, Y, and probably many others (who could forget G, D, or another C! Or yet another S!), but who could remember the CSHKMHPRASYGDCS model? One problem I have with this type of cartoon is that it professes to be bipolar, which is already a serious theoretical statement, and yet the lines are drawn so arbitrarily that one would really need many domains and separatrices to describe it.

As a small technical note, the Archivist remarks on the obvious error in perpective. Two of the four footpoints appear to be tilted, as one would expect in full 3D generality, whereas the other two are flat. Probably this is just a clue that the model imagined is really 2D in nature.

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